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Digital Dictation & Transcription

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What is Dialogica?

Why use Dialogica?

What's in it for me?

Dialogica is a webbased Digital Dictation and Transcription application that combines:

  • Tools to easily and efficiently dictate, transcribe and manage the transcription workflow and workforce in- and outside the organization
  • A service marketplace for Dictation and Transcription users and Service Providers
  • Better control of quality and In time delivery of transcription work through integrated workflow, document management and dashboards
  • High value, low cost and no investment SaaS solution. You pay per use
  • Higher productivity of users through dictation and transcription tools
  • Providers on the integrated marketplace can deliver on demand transcription services

In exchange for feedback Dialogica will give Beta participants:

  • Half a year free or a 70% price reduction on a 1 year subscription to the plan of your choice
  • A preferred position on the marketplace for Transcription Providers during the first half year
  • 240 minutes of free call in dictation for Dictation users in the first year